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From mid June to mid July, you can witness the lavender at full bloom meaning rows of purple as far as you can see, rolling over hills and into the sunset.

People flock from all corners of the world to experience the magic of Provence during the summer months with lavender being just one of the many drawcards. You’ll find fresh food markets in medieval villages, the crystal clear seas of the Mediterranean and about a 99% chance of sunny skies!

If your sole desire is to see the beauty of the lavender fields then, I’ve got you covered with this guide to Valensole, the best area in my opinion to photograph the fields. In order to get a great photograph you’ll need a car to zip around because there are a lot of fields, some more maintained than others. It’s also very warm in June and July so you don’t want to be stuck at a bus stop and walking miles to get to each field. There is a lot of information about where is best to see the lavender, photography wise though, you need to think about what type of shot you want.

Are you after a pure blue sky, small cottage or single tree? Or do you prefer a warmer light with sunset glowing above? You’ll need to take this into account otherwise you’ll be spending a lot of time waiting around for the light to be just right instead of covering a bunch of locations and getting more amazing photos.

UPDATE: For a detailed PDF guide to the lavender fields + Provence region, take a peek at my brand new 48page for Shabbies Amsterdam EIGHT ANTIK NOCE womens Mid Boots in Discount Supply Cheap Sale From China Supply Buy Cheap Finishline oBwOZP2

Around Provence you will find a collection of areas with lavender fields, from the base of Mount Ventoux, the magnificent Abbaye de Senanque or the regions around Apt, Forcalquier, Mezel and Nyons.

My favourite so far is the Plateau de Valensole. Rich in fields to choose between with a great selection of locations to shoot during the daylight and at sunset facing west.

Below is a map sharing the exact location of my favourite fields…

Best light for lavender photos: Between 6:30-10pm

In summer the sun sets around 9:20pm in Valensole so if you’re after that glowing sparkle of sunshine, it’s best to find your perfect spot before 9pm. I would even suggest getting there at 8:30pm because the sun can do some beautiful things prior to dipping below the horizon so why not be there to capture it? Maybe I’m just that annoying person who always has to be everywhere way too early!

Before sunset you’ll have beautiful blue sky to work with in the fields facing east so around 6-8pm is ideal. Any earlier and during summer you will find a light haze in the distance caused by the heat so it’s best to avoid the middle of the day.

Now for the locations…

Coordinates 43.89145N, 6.0668E

Location #1 D8 Valensole – Puimossion

Best For Distant Landscapes ( Google Maps ) : Travelling along the road called D8 from Valensole toward Puimoisson you’ll find a little hotel called Gite le Petit Tele, just before though is a great spot for photographs. Lavender fields sprawl east into the distance toward a row of trees that works as a great linear perspective.

Shah A , Connolly M , Clasper L , McIntyre C , Harvala H , Hale A , Whitaker P , Simmonds P , Peckham D . 2013. Frequency and pathogenicity of rhinovirus associated pulmonary exacerbations in patients with cystic fibrosis EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL , 42

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Human rhinoviruses (HRVs) frequently cause mild upper respiratory tract infections and more severe disease manifestations such as bronchiolitis and asthma exacerbations. HRV is classified into three species within the genus Enterovirus of the family Picornaviridae. HRV species A and B contain 75 and 25 serotypes identified by cross-neutralization assays, although the use of such assays for routine HRV typing is hampered by the large number of serotypes, replacement of virus isolation by molecular methods in HRV diagnosis and the poor or absent replication of HRV species C in cell culture. To address these problems, we propose an alternative, genotypic classification of HRV-based genetic relatedness analogous to that used for enteroviruses. Nucleotide distances between 384 complete VP1 sequences of currently assigned HRV (sero)types identified divergence thresholds of 13, 12 and 13 % for species A, B and C, respectively, that divided inter- and intra-type comparisons. These were paralleled by 10, 9.5 and 10 % thresholds in the larger dataset of >3800 VP4 region sequences. Assignments based on VP1 sequences led to minor revisions of existing type designations (such as the reclassification of serotype pairs, e.g. A8/A95 and A29/A44, as single serotypes) and the designation of new HRV types A101-106, B101-103 and C34-C51. A protocol for assignment and numbering of new HRV types using VP1 sequences and the restriction of VP4 sequence comparisons to type identification and provisional type assignments is proposed. Genotypic assignment and identification of HRV types will be of considerable value in the future investigation of type-associated differences in disease outcomes, transmission and epidemiology.




Citation information in Europe Pubmed Central

BACKGROUND:  Infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a burgeoning worldwide public health problem, with 170 million infected individuals and an estimated 20 million deaths in the coming decades. While 6 main genotypes generally distinguish the global geographic diversity of HCV, a multitude of closely related subtypes within these genotypes are poorly defined and may influence clinical outcome and treatment options. Unfortunately, the paucity of genetic data from many of these subtypes makes time-consuming primer walking the limiting step for sequencing understudied subtypes. METHODS:  Here we combined long-range polymerase chain reaction amplification with pyrosequencing for a rapid approach to generate the complete viral coding region of 31 samples representing poorly defined HCV subtypes. RESULTS:  Phylogenetic classification based on full genome sequences validated previously identified HCV subtypes, identified a recombinant sequence, and identified a new distinct subtype of genotype 4. Unlike conventional sequencing methods, use of deep sequencing also facilitated characterization of minor drug resistance variants within these uncommon or, in some cases, previously uncharacterized HCV subtypes. CONCLUSIONS:  These data aid in the classification of uncommon HCV subtypes while also providing a high-resolution view of viral diversity within infected patients, which may be relevant to the development of therapeutic regimens to minimize drug resistance.

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The Office for Personal Data Protection (link to home page)
The Office for Personal Data Protection

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> Main menu > Legislation > Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data

11th year (2017) - document archive


We offer a challenge for those courageous of you who like and , or work with . Have a think over privacy, consider who or what could be helpful to protect it. Let your imagination run riot, your guardian can be an animal, an object, but also a completely fanciful being. To cut it short, we invite you to create a .

Those who prefer thinking with ballpoint pen in hand, over keyboard, or holding a camcorder, will not have easier task. We encourage you to draft an essay, story, screenplay, or to record a video trying to explain where you see the difference between . Does privacy always mean secrecy? Is one of these aspects more important? How would you explain the differences, if any, to for instance younger children?

To join the competition are also invited, like in the previous years, whole classes, after-school clubs, libraries, leisure-time centers, and other . If you decide for team work and invent some accompanying activities please let us know not only the result but give us a taste of the atmosphere during your creation. We will publicly share your information and photographic or video documentation on our website. Authors of the contributions selected by the jury as the best ones, can look forward to a special reward.

You may take part within two of and respectively.

Participants under 18 years of age are invited to send their contributions (please indicate your name, address and age*) , either by electronic mail to (files up to max. 9 MB) or by ordinary post to (please quote “Privacy” on the envelope).

Information about the competition will regularly be updated on the office´s website at , under the For Youth section.

* The address will be used for purposes related to the competition only. Name and age can be used for promotion of personal data protection, unless we receive your explicit wish not to use your contribution for promotional purposes. If you are under 15t, please ask your parents for consent allowing you to take part in the competition.

Competition partners:

Partneři soutěže:


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